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The O.M.Z. Officina Meccanica Zanotti was founded in 1983 our core business is the automatic turning for third parties. Thanks to the investments made in the years and to those that every year make us grow, O.M.Z. in one of the most dynamic and performing company on the market.
MILLIONS of turned parts in 2017
Kg of metals processed in 2017
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Many years of experience, the constant research of perfection, the most advanced technologies for our production process, a continuing and escalating formation to our whole team, an advanced metrological lab and a Quality Assurance System, are the guarantee of reliability for our Customers.

This is what we do

We create products of very high precision with the highest Customer’s satisfaction.

OMZ not only turns, OMZ performs second operations of various kinds, including the external grinding.

We guarantee a complete service to our Client, from the turning to the assembling, arriving to the special packaging management. 


Finishing and grinding

Management of assembling and mounting

– Tecnologies –

Vanguard and precision “made in Italy”

A prepared and formed staff to win every challenge. A deeply motivated team in the continuous research of perfection and in unceasing professional growing. Information technologies at service of all departments that are totally integrated and constantly updated. A Quality Assurance System that involves all OMZ personnel and all the processes, ensures the maximum efficiency in terms of quality and production.
La nostra fortuna e' stata sicuramente quella di trovare dei collaboratori che hanno condiviso la passione per questo lavoro.
Marina Zanotti
Il nostro settore e' in continua evoluzione. Infatti stiamo lavorando proiettati nel FUTURO
Marina Zanotti


Our certificates

To guarantee the best quality we have a metrological laboratory equipped with the most performing tool on the market. Online Measuring stations placed in all departments, allow to keep always under control the state of progress of the working phases and permit the complete live recording of the intermediate controls. We guarantee the traceability of our product for 15 years.
Our company is certified UNI EN 9001 and ISO/TS16949. We are approved “A Class” supplier by all our customers in the Automotive sector. The Continuous training of staff is an essential “must” for our primary objective: the growth and continuous improvement … that we like to live like the #OMZEXPERIENCE.



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Officina Meccanica Zanotti
35th Anniversary Celebrating Thirtyfive Years Of High Precision Turned Part  1983/2018

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